How To Start A Gutter Cleaning Business

A gutter cleaning business is a super good way to make a ton of money in just a few months because gutter cleaning season starts in late September and ends around April. If you live in a city where there are thousands and thousands of huge trees with millions on leaves and pine needles on them you can make a lot of cold hard cash if you learn how to start a gutter cleaning business. Just walk outside and take a good look at all the home on your street check out their gutter if they are full of leaves or pine needles then they could be your first customers.

To get started you will need a business license,blower,trash bags,rake,ladder,and a good truck to haul your tools and ladder to your jobs. If you are not a handy person and you think it would take too much time and money or someone who is does not like going up and down a ladder all day long then you may not be the type of person who would start a gutter cleaning business. If you are handy and you like working outside and you are not lazy starting a gutter cleaning business would be right for you and you will have fun as you make money.

After you pay for your business license and purchase all of the tools you need to start your business you will be ready to start looking for work the best way to get new customers is to advertise. The cheapest way to advertise is to go to your local print shop and place and order for about 500 flyers then go door to all the houses around town and give the home owners a flyer if their gutters need a good cleaning. You charge anywhere from $45 to $175 to clean gutter the price you charge really depends on how tall the house is and if the roof is really steep or not.

You can start to make money really fast in this business and when you start to get a lot of customers you should try to get them to sign a service contract with you get them to agree to have you clean their gutters two or three times a year. When you have contracts with hundreds of customers that’s when the money really starts to pile up go ahead and get started go out and clean some gutters and make some money.

How To Clean Gutters In Your Home

Water and other debris that becomes caught in gutters can cause major problems with damage that can be caused to your roof and walls. As such, it will be important for you to make sure that you maintain your gutters and keep them clean at all times so that you can avoid such problems. With this in mind, here is a quick guide on how to clean gutters.

The first thing you have to do will be to get yourself a ladder and gain access to the gutter. Make sure that the ladder is securely fastened and that it is placed on something hard and not on a surface that might be wet or slippery. In addition, do not lean the top of the ladder against pipes or anything else that might break.

You should then start to remove all it leaves, twigs, and other bits of debris from the gutter using a large garden spoon, gutter scoop or any other tool that you would like to use. If there is any caked on dirt that can be difficult to remove then make sure you wet this down so that it or loose and is up and can be removed more easily. When you have done this, put all of the debris and dirt that you find into a bag and drop this to the floor.

You also need to check closely as to whether the downspouts are not fully clogged up. If they are then you should use a hose and push some water through them to try to unblock anything that might be inside. Make sure that you do not to put too much pressure on at first as these downspouts are not intended to withstand a great deal of pressure.

You should then used a hose in order to clean out the entire gutter system so that it is completely clean of anything whatsoever. This is something that you should be doing on a fairly regular basis and particularly during the autumn when leaves and twigs are more likely to be falling into your gutter and causing blockages.

If you have trouble doing the job yourself, are elderly or disabled, then it is a good idea to call in a professional to do the job for you. This is a good way of making sure that it is all done properly, and if the job is a serious one then this might be a good idea regardless of whether you think you can do it yourself.

Pros And Cons Of Gutter Cleaning Tools

There are many gutter cleaning tools on the market today. The idea is to save the homeowner time and trouble. Many of them have some good features. Some may have a few drawbacks. Here are some of the products available today.

Suction from the ground

There are many good products that you can use from the ground. This means no ladder is necessary. You may not own a ladder. This also helps you avoid the possibility of injury. There is the type that will vacuum guttering from the ground.

This invention is simple and effective. It is in the shape of a giant candy cane. It is made of lightweight and durable plastic. All you have to do is attach the pipe to your shop vac. You eliminate any messes from water blasting.

It cleans very efficiently. There is no mess on the ground or on you. Brushes and blowers will remove debris. Then you will need to clean it up from the ground. This item takes care of all that in one easy step. It is about five feet long. If you need more height, you can purchase extensions of four and one half feet. It is priced at around $30.

There does appear to be many drawbacks to this item. Maybe you do not have a shop vac. In that case, you may have to purchase or borrow one. However, a good shop vac is a wise investment. It comes in one piece. It cannot be taken apart for storage. You will need to have a special place to keep it.

Blowing from the ground

There are several units that are made to fit into a standard leaf blower. The idea is to blow debris from the guttering. This does save time and trouble. It is lightweight and easy to use. You will not have to get up on a ladder. It can easily be taken apart and assembled. This will allow for easy storage. It may have a few drawbacks.

You must own a leaf blower. Although this is a common outdoor item, not everyone has a use for them. You will also be faced with a mess on the ground, when through. You can leave the debris there. You can also blow it away or simply pick it up. This item can clean up to seven foot in length. It is priced for around $50.


There are a lot of gutter cleaning tools on the market today. They will save time and trouble. You may not have to get up on a ladder or roof again. They are not expensive. The ones with suction will be less messy. The ones that blow, may be easier to store. Your decision may depend on your situation.